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About Us

Our Family

In 1949, Leonard Wulf moved to Minnesota when he married the love of his life, Vi. Here they raised their family and lots of sheep and cattle. Jim was one of 11 children and learned to love cattle from his Dad, which he passed down to his sons. In 2011, Jim, Twyla, Travis and Brady moved south of Starbuck to start their ranch, Clear Springs Cattle Company. This is when the family transitioned from Limousin to Simmental. They then teamed up with Hook Farms to start marketing genetics under the Bred For Balance brand.

Our Ranch

Located on the Glacial Ridge, surrounded by rolling prairie and oak savannahs, Clear Springs has a unique landscape for Minnesota. Our namesake is the many natural springs we have captured to water the cattle, providing them with some of the cleanest water in the world. Every acre is managed with soil health in mind, from intensive rotation on the pastureland to no till and cover crops practiced on the farmland. The vacation rental house on the ranch allows us to share our beautiful views and rural lifestyle with others.

Our Herd

Grown mainly from the Hook Farms herd, the current CLRS cowherd is "bred for balance". Balance between genotype and physical traits, balance throughout their EPD profiles, and balance within the offering having both maternal and terminal oriented bulls. The latest tools and technology are used to further advance the genetics of the herd as well as good ol' cowboy logic. We strive to graze as long as possible each year and develop seedstock with longevity in mind. The Wulf family, along with our affiliates, Highland Acres, Anderson Cattle and Trails End market yearling bulls and select females through the Bred for Balance sale held each February.

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