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Sire Directory

These bulls are some of the popular sires in the Bred for Balance program and examples of the genetic merit carried throughout the entire herd.

Call Travis at 320-288-6433 if you have any questions about which bull is right for you!

KBHR Keynote Small.jpg

KBHR Keynote K229

CLRS Jet Black 706J.jpg

CLRS Jet Black 706J

Hook's Galileo 210G Mature.jpg

Hook`s Galileo 210G

CLRS Jay Leno 957J.jpg

CLRS Jay Leno 957J

CLRS Jericho 336J (2).jpg

CLRS Jericho 336J

CLRS Justified 7101J.jpg

CLRS Justified 7101J

7SM96_Dividend-800x533 (1)_edited.jpg

CLRS Dividend 405D

TERS Kodiak 206K_edited.jpg

TERS Kodiak 206K

CLRS Guardian Mature.jpg

CLRS Guardian 317G

CLRS Herdbook 316H.jpg

CLRS Herdbook 316H

CLRS King James 616K b.jpg

CLRS King James 616K

EGL Firesteel 103F_edited.jpg

EGL Firesteel 103F

CLRS Johnny Walker 1049J.jpg

CLRS Johnny Walker 1049J

CLRS Kangaroo 956K.jpg

CLRS Kangaroo 956K

CLRS Homeland 327H (mature)_edited.jpg

CLRS Homeland 327H

CLRS Lincoln 0107L.jpg

CLRS Lincoln 0107L

TERS Leopold 316L.jpg

TERS Leopold 316L

KBHR Gunsmoke.JPG

KBHR Gunsmoke J131

CLRS Jefferson 951J (2).jpg

CLRS Jefferson 951J

16J a IMG_2657_edited.jpg

Hook's Forefront 16J

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